Wednesday, 20 July 2011

True Blue Link Love

It's been a while since I've shared some link love. So, here's a few links that make my heart skip a beat.

This beautiful weather forecasting site... found via Mrs Eliot Books.

The idea of making one of these hula hoop rugs in summer.....found via The Crafty Crow.

Faye Toogood's Styling Portfolio.

Elle Moss' Rabbit 'round the world images.

These ideas for an 'indoor', sleek, functional laundry.

The thought of a country life, again.....oh, and here.

Browsing here at the Huset shop.

Jane Foster's very bright etsy store helps me ward off the winter blues.

A little slow off the mark.... but Arcade Fire's The Wilderness Project makes me smile. Clever indeed.

Enjoy xox


Melissa@Vidastyle said...

So many great links here, thank you for sharing. I would love to make that hula hoop rug too, looks fun! And I am drooling over items in the huset shop and Jane Fosters etsy store. And thank you for linking to my laundry post.

stupendous joy said...

Pleasure Melissa. I'm glad you enjoyed the links too.


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