Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Hand printing on Fabric

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I've decided (with a couple of friends) to hand print some tea towels for Christmas presents this year. Being complete novices we've been investigating the process, made trips to Melbourne Etching Supplies and Riot Art for supplies, watched youtube tutorials and consulted our copies of this Lena Corwin book and my beloved Lotta Prints book. I'm now hoping we'll be ready to roll next week.

We just need to come up with our artwork & choose whether to use the Drawing Fluid & Screen filler or stencil technique.

Here are a couple of tutorials I found which are handy if you'd too like to get crafty and print up some tea towels of you own.
Miss Daydream Believer's print studio
Anna Laura's screen printing using drawing fluid tutorial.
Craftgrrl's Cheap screen printing using an embroidery hoop.
Dakini Silk & Things tutorial.

I've also been pinning my favorites over here. If you have any inspiration.... or tips I'd love to hear. Please leave me the links below. xox


Bruise Mouse said...

What a lovely idea. Screen printing is so much fun.
There is a lovely screen printed Christmas ornament giveaway over at
Looking forward to seeing the results. Have fun.

stupendous joy said...

I'm really excited about it BM. Thanks for the giveaway tip too. Little Piece of Pie is a gorgeous blog.


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