Friday, 4 November 2011

My Cinderella Chair

I just came across my reupholstered 'Acland chair' over on a couple of delightful tumblr pages dreams and idle pleasures and chair porn. It's quite a compliment to see it there amoungst the gorgeousness.

This chair was found on 'Acland' street, by my friend Tom Tom, on his way to work one morning. He texted me a photo & the location so Z & I scooted down and bundled it into the car. The incredible stench emanating from it was something made my tummy turn. Springs and wading were popping out in every direction. This abused and abandoned chair needed a lot of love.
It almost didn't make it home.
After stripping it back to basics and reupholstering it in this lovely linen...I'm so pleased it did.

Happy weekend x


Bruise Mouse said...

What a gorgeous chair. It must be such thrill to bring it back to life. I have never done a big project like that before. I love the fabric for the cushion too. Gorgeous.

stupendous joy said...

Thanks BM. It is fun seeing them come back to life again. It's such a shame to see these sturdy old frames get tossed into landfill when they come up so beautifully with a little love.

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

You've done that chair proud. It looks lovely and obviously a whole lot of others think so too.
Sure beats a crappy Freedom chair any any day :-)

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

I love your chair, and how wonderful to see it in so many places online.

ladle said...

ladle, it's gorgeous. now, i really think you need to persuade the LF you need a "business" trip over here to work your magic on my green chair, which is slowly sinking into the ground!

stupendous joy said...

Thank you, thank you lovely people! It sure is a joy transforming these old chairs.
Ladle, I'm especially adept at transforming the bottomed out look these days. It a St Kilda roadside specialty. A 'business' trip to the UK would be just the ticket to refine my craft. xx


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