Our Big Adventure

Between 27th May & 11th September 2013 this space acted as a photographic journal of our 3-4 month sabbatical roaming the globe. Please enjoy our travels, me: melindamelou, the L.F: my beloved, who took a well deserved sabbatical after 13 years of self employment & Z, our then 5 year old son.

We traveled from Melbourne to Singapore - London - Norway - Amsterdam - Brugge - Paris - Berlin - Denmark - Prague - Switzerland - Italy - UK & Indonesia. It was partially a work in progress however the crux of the trip did involve quite some hours of research & planning. We spent our time visiting friends, meeting their children, seeing new countries, making new friends, wearing the same clothes, carrying as little as possible and eating ourselves around the clock.

We had held a dream since Z was a tiny baby to travel together before he started school. As the years crept closer we became nervous the opportunity would slip by, unrealised. There never seemed to be a perfect time, especially with the L.F self employed. There were always bills looming, staff to pay and clients to service. We decided - courageously or foolishly – to ‘Just Do It’ anyway.

So often we are swept along with life. We keep up with our day to day obligations and barely manage to take time out to breathe and experience the real changes we want to see in our selves and our families. This was an opportunity for us to reset our family values, create some space for exploring, expression and independence and to build a beautiful connection as we explore new ways of being together….. the 3 of us on the road.

Mmmm, does that make it sound all floaty and dreamy?  Well, it was......along with a truck load of planning, compromise, tantrums (yup, believe it or not 5 years olds aren't as keen as we are to see the sights....),  days spent in parks that very much could have been days home here in Melbourne and a level of exhaustion upon return I didn't quite plan for.  Travelling with kids is a whole new ball game.  Would I do it all again?  Hell yeah.

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Enjoy the ride and thanks for joining us. xxx


Anna said...

This is ridiculously exciting.. I haven't been to all the places on your list but Norway, Denmark and Berlin are 3 of my favourite places I have ever visited. I'd love to go and live in Denmark or Norway for a year or two.

Adventures with Dementia said...

Thanks Anna. We're pretty darn excited now. It's hard to believe it's less than a week until we leave. I haven't been to either Norway or Denmark before but I know I am going to LOVE them.... and yes, want to move there too ;)

Anonymous said...

We had our dream come true!! Moving to Australia!! Now it's your time. Have lots of fun!!! Looking forward to the stories on your blog. X Nynke and my men.

Adventures with Dementia said...

and how lucky we are to have you in Oz! Xx


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