Friday, 25 January 2013

Picture Postie App


A couple of years ago I met a gorgeous girl at my local cafe with her 3 week old baby.  At the time Z was about 2 and I still felt helplessly delirious with baby brain.  I marveled at how she was out exercising, looking incredibly bright and cheerful.  She was engaged and totally engaging... no baby brain..... with a 3 week old baby!!! Crazy business.

Move forward a couple of years and that gorgeous girl is about to give birth to her second child but not before developing this amazing app.  Picture Postie.  Picture Postie is a super charged photo printing kiosk on your iPhone!  Forget having to save your photos to a memory stick or DVD and traipse off to Officeworks, you can do it all directly from your phone.  I love it.

It has it's own built in editing system, you can print in lustre or gloss, in various sizes, on canvas, you can even have them framed... and delivered directly to your door.
I'm looking forward to giving this a go on the weekend and catching up on a back load of photos waiting to be printed.

Congratulations Jen you really are a clever lass. xx

PS. You can also check them out on Instagram and enter their weekly photo competition!


Bruise Mouse said...

Wow, what an amazing person. Inspiring.
I am still blaming baby-brain for being vague. I think I'm pushing it now.

Melinda Melou said...

mmm, I've definitely stretched the limit!

Melinda Melou said...

mmm, I've definitely stretched the limit!


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