Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sneak Peak.......

Back in September when the weather was significantly cooler than it is now I was invited to stay with friends.  Lucky for me they had rented this gorgeous farm house, Tuppenny Farm,  just north of Kyneton.  Z and I love it around these parts and were so delighted to stay.  You may remember it from my 356 Project?

It recently featured on Design Sponge.   Stepping into Tuppenny Farm is like taking a walk down memory lane.  You're sense of nostalgia will be well and truly ignited.  It's the ideal cottage for lolling about with the Sunday papers or sitting by the fire with a glass of red and a good book.

I love to sneak around other peoples houses (online..... of course... & here too) and this one is well and truly worth a peak.


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