Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Almost Easter....& I think I'm back.

This post has been a long time coming.
I totally dropped into a void last December.  Gone without a trace.  My computer died.  I lost a LOT of photos and my blogging spirit waned.  Apologies but I have enjoyed time away from my computer hanging with Z, soaking up our summer.  It sort of felt like scared time before he started on his new journey.
I'm feeling very grateful for all the years I have spent with my little man because now that he's at school it all seems to have flown by so quickly.  I know, I know, people say that all the time.......... but boy it does hit home when you send those sweet little people off into the school yard.

Here's a link to a great interview I listened to recently with the late Sherwin Nuland, surgeon and award winning author of 'How we die.' What an incredibly intelligent, gentle, wise and good humoured man who leaves a legacy in his death on how to LIVE!

On the flip side....these links are just for the fun of it....
** Lego Vines by Mark Weaver
** The App. Palm Springs Modern Mid Century Architectural Tours
** Dear Plastic and their Freehand POM making
** Loving the Marc Jacobs pop up shop  in NY where the currency for purchases is made via Tweets and Instagrams.
** Alzheimers Netherlands launched an interesting Facebook campaign, The Alzheimer's Event,
 with the help of a food, film and large music festival to creatively engage young audiences in the fight against dementia. It's a little trippy but definitely gets the message across.
** Enjoying 8tracks again and being reminded of music I've loved and totally forgotten about oh and this one.

Hello xx

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Bring back a bit of Berlin

Longing for a bit of Berlin this week.  Smith Street was as close as I came to feeling anywhere near it and I must say I was pretty delighted to be there.
This Ramen store was a highlight (Thanks Sally!!).  I'm hoping to get back for another bowl over the weekend.  I tried both the pork.....& the cashew (shared them with my friend... just in case you're thinking oink, oink).  They were seriously amazing!!
I also LOVE that Big Dreams have opened a new store in the old bead shop on Smith Street. Do you remember that Melbourne relic?
Pined over a couch in Modern Times and made a purchase at the Smith St Bazar.  A Christmas present that's so spot on (or so I'm hoping).
Loving this list of Melbourne vinyl stores to help arm me for some serious summer sounds these holidays.
Enjoyed Ron Gutman's TED talk on Smiling & Brother David Steindl-Rast, a Benedictine monk, talk on "the gentle power" of gratefulness.

I've established a weekly ritual where I listen to an interview, while cooking, over at On Being.  This weeks interview was with Matthew Samford, The Body's Grace.  It's a beautiful interview on the mind-body connection.  Matthew is an author and yoga teacher.....who has been a paraplegic since the age of 13.  Describing it as 'inspiring' seems a little lame. His experience is mind-blowingly profoud.  I'm hoping his book will be in my Santa stocking this Christmas. No subtlety there, hey LF?

The countdown begins tomorrow.  Hope you have your advent calendar at the ready. Let the fun begin xx

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

What's going on?

Things seem to be happening behind the scenes here at the moment.
I've been consciously spending less time online & more time doing.....things.
Our annual screen printing took place the weekend before last.  Sorry since they are Christmas presents I'll resist posting pictures until after the big day.
There's a knitting project for a friend. I wont say any more. It's a secret.
Writing - a little project I'm working on elsewhere. Also a bit of a secret.
Slowly going through the notes I took on our trip and marveling at the buildings.
Reading... this novel.... & this  Love 2.0......  My local bookstore is reading a book by neurologist Oliver Sacks called The Mind's Eye for their next book club so I snaffled a copy today. It's next on my hit list.

A country trip with friends, staying here & a desperately quiet carnival were all part of the beauty which made up our weekend.

Hope your days have been fun......even without any trace of the sun!! What's going on Melbourne?? x

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

micro moments of love

I came across this gorgeous interview with Dr Barbara Fredrickson today.  It's one that gives us hope in building on our resources to establish better choices and responses to the challenges we all face in life. This interview is 12 minutes and Barbara's genuine, natural beauty absolutely resonate throughout.

Dr Barbara Fredrickson is Kenan Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Award-winning Director of the PEP Lab at the University of North Carolina. Her research reveals how micro-moments of love and other forms of positivity nourish your health, wisdom, and longevity. She has twice been invited to brief His Holiness the Dalai Lama on her research (link found via mindfulness4mothers.com Thanks Kellie!)

Enjoy xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Who'd have thought....Juggling...to be the super hero of brain training?

Loving this ABC series at the moment, Redesign My Brain, with Todd Sampson.  It gives us all a little hope in dealing with our weaknesses.


My lovely friend  BM just left a link for home made juggling balls in the comments.  I thought I would share for all those interested in increasing their brain capacity. Thanks BM!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The wise words of Sylvia Boorstein

I listened to this interview with Sylvia Boorstein while cooking dinner on Sunday night.  It is a beautifully wise discussion on 'What we Nurture.'  I especially loved the tale about the two wolves, it really makes you think about which one you feed. I've been recalling snippets of the interview ever since.  Sylvia has such a gentle and wise way but her words have a powerful impact (**another clip which explains & expands on  Syvlia's 'wolves story' beautifully is this one by neuropsychologist Rick Hanson).
On a lighter note.....I also love the hours of fun over at Mr Printables and definitely want to try out this hip hop yoga! You can read Sammy Veall's inspiring story of how hip hop yoga came to be over here.

Slowly, after our big trip I can feel myself creeping back into the swing of things. Enjoy x

    Wednesday, 2 October 2013

    How's your liver chi?

    I originally wrote this post back in October last year. It's something that has been nudging at me since and was especially relevant on our recent travels. Not only for the expectations I placed on people but also the places we visited.
    It was fascinating to watch my expectations and also those of LF and Z..... plus all the people we stayed with while holidaying...... to see the impact they had on the way we related to one another and ultimately shaped the things around us.

    Since I'm still taking things slow around here while the little man is on holidays I have a  re-post which seems perfect today.  Wind in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) relates to anger (liver element) so there is no better time for this post with all this wild windy weather here in Melbourne.  I hope your roof is still intact and your feet remain on the ground.   x

    Reposted From: Wednesday 17th October 2012

    Anger always comes from frustrated expectations.
    Elliott Larson   
    (& unexpressed emotions...)

    I hate the feeling of being angry. It erodes the happiness I do have in my life. It distracts me from being here with the people I love. I don't hear what's going on under my nose or see what's happening in front of my eyes ...as I'm quite literally raging a war, hurtling a thousand accusations in my head towards this...seemingly... demonic aggressor.

    'When you make someone else wrong, you hold the energy of needing to correct, convince, control ,or change someone else (the 4 C’s as I call them). Someone should “be or do” the way you expect. Blaming, complaining, or condemning becomes acceptable.' Tiny Buddha.

    It makes me a little sad to let go of my expectations (yes, I'll confess I had a dream of how it should be and I was holding onto that vision pretty damn tight determined to make it RIGHT.... ) but I'm here now pledging to let it go or risk creating vast amounts of discomfort not only for myself but those around me. My resistance is huge.  My back has given way (damn, our bodies never lie).  As dear old Albert Einstein put it 'Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.' So bye bye cycle of expectation-disappointment-anger-expectaion-disappointment-anger-expectation-disappointment-anger-expectation....

    Hello to my focus on what 'is'....  you are going to be needed to keep me on track for this one..... those voices of distraction can be oh so tempting at times and that old tale of woe is so familiar it feels like a comfy pair of PJ's to slip into.

    Here's to ...... totally unexpected outcomes and zero expectations.  The thought makes me feel a little queasy but let's face it, the only way is up, baby.

    'Challenge yourself to truly pursue happiness in the way that it makes sense to you, even if that means defying expectations....'  Sunday Quotes.



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