Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Who'd have thought....Juggling...to be the super hero of brain training?

Loving this ABC series at the moment, Redesign My Brain, with Todd Sampson.  It gives us all a little hope in dealing with our weaknesses.


My lovely friend  BM just left a link for home made juggling balls in the comments.  I thought I would share for all those interested in increasing their brain capacity. Thanks BM!


Bruise Mouse said...

I'm really enjoying it too. I was thinking that I needed to get the sewing machine out to get some juggling sacks sorted, but then I though rice and balloons sounded much easier.
Just need to get organised and do it.

quaranteatime said...

Thanks BM! You're always a wealth of information and inspiration. xxx

Dharma Mama said...

I just read the instructions! I made mine without blowing the balloon up, just filling the balloon with rice with a funnel. They are smaller that way but nice for little hands. :) Thanks for the inspiration!


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