Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Bali Highlights

We are in between worlds here at the moment. Recently returned from Bali and frantically planning our next big adventure. Basking in the warmth and colour of our recent trip .... as Melbourne weather starts to close in and bite .... especially around 4pm each evening. So much to do and only a month to go, so apologies for my tardiness here of late.

Here's a quick list of some of our recent Bali highlights.
Waterbom, a must for all ages!
An evening spent at La Lucciola
Komune Beach Club. Z and I spent a morning here by the pool while the boys surfed. It's spectacular & on my list for a return visit.
The food at Mama San.
Cocktails and club sandwiches at Potato Head.
The slower pace and feel of Canggu...after the frantic feel of Seminyak.
The entire vibe at Bungalow Living, Canggu. Great raw food, juices and pastries too.
Our villa but even more than the villa.... our gorgeous staff. Denik & Erma we miss you. xx
A day trip Denik and her family took us on to Tanah Lot.
Great music and coffee at Revolver.
A drink and a cheeky dip in the pool at the W.
Pampering at Bodyworks.... I had a facial that made my eyes water! There was definitely a little pain with the pleasure.... be warned.
Lunch at Sea Circus...twice. It's worth a second trip.
I love everything about Motel Mexicola, the drinks, the courtyard, the staff uniforms, the vibrant decor and the fact that a quick drink here could turn into a long night of frivolity. FUN!!

Bali has never been on my radar before this trip. It didn't excite me in the slightest. We only really went on this trip to celebrate a 40th birthday with good friends but I can honestly say it's captured me and I can't wait to head back and explore some of the more remote parts of this crazy, vibrant and incredible 'sweat producing' country. Their smiles are wide, their hearts are big and they live so simply. If you can get out of the road of the crazed tourist shopping at a frenzied pace there's so much beauty to be discovered in the slowness and simplicity of life here.

Thank you Bali. x

Something I didn't manage to do this time but is on my list for the next trip the Bali Bintang Bike Tour.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Dreaming of... The City of Love

I’m slowly getting together some research for our trip.... We are heading to Europe  for 3 months & it's coming around so quickly! 5 weeks to go arrgggghhhh. I'm bookmarking websites, booking tickets and generally getting a feel for some of the things we’ll slot into our days. Paris has been on my radar today and here are a couple of inspiring sites I’ve come across. I’m so excited.  Dreaming of exploring the back streets, cozy cafe’s and  pastries-a-plenty in the city of love. Woo hoo.

Hip Paris
Paris in Four Months
Little Pieces of Light
Carla Coulson’s Paris Favourites
101 cookbooks guide to Paris
Un Jour de Plus a Paris
Petite Passport

As we’re staying in the Marais Part 1 & Part 2 of Carla’s 'My Marais' posts will come in very handy!

If you have any additional tips on Paris I'd love to hear...especially any geared around Paris with kids.

Thanks for all the additional information people. I'll update this post as new information comes to me.  That way I can keep it all in one place and hopefully aid others looking for handy tips on discovering Paris. See 'Read more.'.


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