Monday, 28 January 2013

Technology as God

Today is 'officially' the first day of our E-learning and Digital Cultures course.  With around 40,000 people ennrolled in the Mooc it is definitely going to be a fascinating experience.  Not only is it navigating the course requirements that will challenge my thinking but also finding the right niche in terms of expression.  There are a multitude of platforms and personalities... so finding the right mix may be my greatest challenge.

In week one we are looking at digital cultures in relation to whether they create utopian or dystopian experiences/cultures/environments etc. One of our resources this week is from Spain, Zumbakamera’s short animation, Bendito Machine III.

Firstly, I'll just say I LOVE the fact that we experience a mini 'film festival' each week as part of our course content.  Hooray to the EDCMOOC creators you've definitely sparked my enthusiasm straight up.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Picture Postie App


A couple of years ago I met a gorgeous girl at my local cafe with her 3 week old baby.  At the time Z was about 2 and I still felt helplessly delirious with baby brain.  I marveled at how she was out exercising, looking incredibly bright and cheerful.  She was engaged and totally engaging... no baby brain..... with a 3 week old baby!!! Crazy business.

Move forward a couple of years and that gorgeous girl is about to give birth to her second child but not before developing this amazing app.  Picture Postie.  Picture Postie is a super charged photo printing kiosk on your iPhone!  Forget having to save your photos to a memory stick or DVD and traipse off to Officeworks, you can do it all directly from your phone.  I love it.

It has it's own built in editing system, you can print in lustre or gloss, in various sizes, on canvas, you can even have them framed... and delivered directly to your door.
I'm looking forward to giving this a go on the weekend and catching up on a back load of photos waiting to be printed.

Congratulations Jen you really are a clever lass. xx

PS. You can also check them out on Instagram and enter their weekly photo competition!

Thursday, 24 January 2013


Connecting (Full Film) from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

I find the whole future of our online world very fascinating.  What will our community look like?  Where will we be 'hanging out'? ........just how connected will we all be? Especially in terms of our children.... We have no idea what their future will look like. What will the quality of their 'downtime' be like? .... or will they simply always be 'on'?

There was nothing quite like long days at the beach without a mobile phone in sight. Not even an answering machine connected to the landline at home for all the calls we were 'supposedly' missing. If it was important enough people called back. Simple.

There was no drop pinning our location, texting or tweeting every inane action to the world or checking our friends Facebook updates every 10 minutes for FOMO. We were where we needed to be 100%, no distractions from the ever nudging online world.

I'm showing my age, I know. Don't get me wrong I am very excited to be a part of this unfolding world of connectivity. The challenge will be in holding our own sense of space in the mix. Setting our personal parameters and making conscious choices..... which is how I come full circle. Education & experience (and stepping away from a screen long enough to see clearly) will be key in making these choices.

If you too are curious about the ways we'll be connected and how and who is shaping our connectivity you may find this video interesting, I did.

Another scorcher here is Melbourne, I hope you manage to keep cool people.


Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Sneak Peak.......

Back in September when the weather was significantly cooler than it is now I was invited to stay with friends.  Lucky for me they had rented this gorgeous farm house, Tuppenny Farm,  just north of Kyneton.  Z and I love it around these parts and were so delighted to stay.  You may remember it from my 356 Project?

It recently featured on Design Sponge.   Stepping into Tuppenny Farm is like taking a walk down memory lane.  You're sense of nostalgia will be well and truly ignited.  It's the ideal cottage for lolling about with the Sunday papers or sitting by the fire with a glass of red and a good book.

I love to sneak around other peoples houses (online..... of course... & here too) and this one is well and truly worth a peak.


Monday, 21 January 2013

Back to school

I'm gearing up for the EDCMOOC course which is due to start this weekend. There is an overwhelming amount of information available on all sorts of platforms.  Time, for me, has been a limiting factor in embracing the pre-prep dialogue.  Truth be known I'm still loving the notion of it being semester break and I'm grabbing every opportunity to lap up as many days down on the coast as I can possibly squeeze in. 

I'll will however be pleased to dive into the more formal structure (???) of the MOOC and find my own rhythm & voice in it all.

Sir Ken Robinson's Ted talk will hopefully set the mood for some creative learning.


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Happy Wednseday

Hope you're dipping your toes in the water and feeling the sunshine on your nose 
this sunny summers day.

Happy Birthday LF my beautiful Mr.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Better late than never. x

Happy belated New Year people!

Here's to shining your bright lights in 2013 xx

 I've been taking time to work through this workbook and get a little organised for the year ahead.  It feels good to look back on last year and reflect on some of my achievements.  To asses where I want to focus my energy this year and make a few conscious decisions on how I use my time (mmmm, sorting out my social media 'plan' is definitely on the cards.... time zapper or what!  After some holiday downtime I realise just how productive I 'could' be).

I've been on a yoga intensive this week and a juice detox... Day 3 of both and I have to say I'm feeling a whole lot better today than yesterday.  This weekend I'm off on a meditation retreat with my
sister-in-law.  It will be crazy quiet and I can't wait.

Hope your New Year is shaping up the way you would like it to look. xx


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