Thursday, 24 January 2013


Connecting (Full Film) from Bassett & Partners on Vimeo.

I find the whole future of our online world very fascinating.  What will our community look like?  Where will we be 'hanging out'? ........just how connected will we all be? Especially in terms of our children.... We have no idea what their future will look like. What will the quality of their 'downtime' be like? .... or will they simply always be 'on'?

There was nothing quite like long days at the beach without a mobile phone in sight. Not even an answering machine connected to the landline at home for all the calls we were 'supposedly' missing. If it was important enough people called back. Simple.

There was no drop pinning our location, texting or tweeting every inane action to the world or checking our friends Facebook updates every 10 minutes for FOMO. We were where we needed to be 100%, no distractions from the ever nudging online world.

I'm showing my age, I know. Don't get me wrong I am very excited to be a part of this unfolding world of connectivity. The challenge will be in holding our own sense of space in the mix. Setting our personal parameters and making conscious choices..... which is how I come full circle. Education & experience (and stepping away from a screen long enough to see clearly) will be key in making these choices.

If you too are curious about the ways we'll be connected and how and who is shaping our connectivity you may find this video interesting, I did.

Another scorcher here is Melbourne, I hope you manage to keep cool people.


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