Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Better late than never. x

Happy belated New Year people!

Here's to shining your bright lights in 2013 xx

 I've been taking time to work through this workbook and get a little organised for the year ahead.  It feels good to look back on last year and reflect on some of my achievements.  To asses where I want to focus my energy this year and make a few conscious decisions on how I use my time (mmmm, sorting out my social media 'plan' is definitely on the cards.... time zapper or what!  After some holiday downtime I realise just how productive I 'could' be).

I've been on a yoga intensive this week and a juice detox... Day 3 of both and I have to say I'm feeling a whole lot better today than yesterday.  This weekend I'm off on a meditation retreat with my
sister-in-law.  It will be crazy quiet and I can't wait.

Hope your New Year is shaping up the way you would like it to look. xx


Bruise Mouse said...

It sounds like you have had a productive start to the year. Assessing honestly can sometimes be a little tricky. That book is a great guide to focus thinking.
SNAP! I m off on a meditation workshop with a dear friend on Saturday. I'm really looking forward to it. Also looking forward to spending time with my friend
Hope you have a great weekend.

melindamelou @ stupendous joy said...

Enjoy your meditation workshop! It's fun spending a bit of 'quiet' time with friends. It feels kind of indulgent. x


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