Thursday, 17 November 2011

Shopping South Melbourne & my Kippis mugs

I love, love, love my new Kippis mugs. They're a belated birthday present form my long time friend and neighbour, S. They came from here....somewhere I've been meaning to visit....but have resisted as I know the temptation to purchase something and everything will be quite overwhelming. So a huge thank you, they're the best.

Another birthday present I'm particularly fond of is this charming milk pitcher from Southwood Home.
If Southwood Home doesn't get you hot tailing it to Coventry St check out The Design Files Shopping Guide to South Melbourne (it's from 2008 so although it has a lot of wonderful retailers listed there's even more to excite these days). Be sure to pop into Chez Dre for a pastry (or two) in their courtyard. Heaven. x

1 comment:

Bruise Mouse said...

Those mugs are simply gorgeous.
I'm not sure I knew it was your birthday. Just in case, belated happy birthday.


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