Friday, 18 November 2011

{this moment}

A special moment from the week. One I am so very grateful for.

Z was out in the garden singing away at the top of his voice while dancing around last week. A little later he came into my room and said "Mum, did you hear me singing outside?" I replied that I had and how fantastic it was to hear him sing with such gusto.
He then said "I was just celebrating you mum."

My heart melted. He's 3. I love 3 & I love my Z.

Have a wonderful weekend. xx


Bruise Mouse said...

Oh, what a little sweetie.
3 certainly is wonderful.
I love the look on his face on the pony. Full of wonder.
One of our favourite 3 moments was when girl-child was drinking some juice and came out with "I'm pretending I'm 5 and this is beer"!

ladle said...

oh my god ladle, that is the sweetest thing i've ever heard. i might actually shed a little tear. 3 is so lovely

stupendous joy said...

Oh, BM I love it. 5 is so grown up. It's when they start school.... why not beer too? I love the way their minds work. Z has on occasion announced he's having a beer while drinking his apple juice. It always makes us chuckle too.
Ladle, 3 is the best. xx

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Celebrating his mama! darn sweet.
Little Monkey is 3 too. Too cute some of the things they come out with, I wish I could bottle that innocence.

stupendous joy said...

The innocence is just so heart wrenchingly beautiful. We walked past a gorgeous African lady, with the most incredible headsarf on, in the park on Friday and Z said so earnestly 'look that Mumma is dressed up as a Genie.'
The world through the eyes of a 3 year old is magical!


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