Thursday, 7 July 2011

Slow Textiles

I came across this book today.
Z and I had to vacate the house while the L.F. worked from home this morning. 12 degree temperatures, rain, fiercely bitter winds and both with crappy head colds, we took respite in Readings.
I'm so grateful to the cold and the L.F. for ushering us into the warmth of Readings and this discovery. Sasha Duerr's philosophy and passion for plant dyes is so accessible and fascinating.

Sasha has established the Permacouture Institute. An educational non-profit organisation for regenerative design in fashion and textiles. Check out their mission statement for more specifics.

In an environment where we see retail fashion houses opening (and closing) at a rapid rate, all heavily discounted, largely synthetic and more often than not made in China, the Slow Textile movement is a welcomed reprieve.

Better still I can start my own Slow Textile movement in my humble old kitchen. Watch out L.F. you could be sporting a couple of purple business shirts....dyed using red cabbage leaves....shortly!! Wont you be the talk of the town.


Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Thanks for the link to this book, I have been getting interested in plant dyes and would love a good source.

stupendous joy said...

I'm glad you're loving plant dues too. It's a fantastic resource and had guides for sourcing materials at the back which is very handy. Good luck. I'll pop over to your blog to see how you go with it.


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