Monday, 18 July 2011

Crafty Monday

We worked on the chairs above for Crafty Monday, last week. The two on the left are mine. The top right is Lisa's and the bottom right belongs to Max, fellow Crafty Lady's.
I'm hoping to get the chair in the bottom left hand corner completed today.

For those of you who remember... the fabric was ordered from Spoonflower. I waited, patiently, for 3 weeks until it arrived. Then I discovered (after stapling straight through the ply) I needed 3mm staples to fit my compressor staple gun so I could attached the fabric to the moulded ply, which fits to the back of the chair....None of my usual hardware stores stocked 3mm staples so I had to order them online.... another week. After what feels like an eternity of stop start proceedings, I'm hoping today is the day for completion!

*** oh ah, I've finished already. Just waiting now for the L.F. to fit it all together tonight. So happy to see this little job completed. We found the chair on the curb in Malvern. The L.F. spent a few hours stripping and sanding it back....and now look at it...all grown up.

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