Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Cilla Remnak

(most of us would recognise Cilla Remnak's work from this Ikea rug).

I am totally, head over heels, in love with this work by Cilla Ramnek. If you like it too, her bead work here is also astonishing. She really is Sweden's true pattern queen.
Her blog is full of her incredible projects. Including a number of restaurants I'd love to dine in, not for the gastronomic delight, the visual feast would more than fill me to brimming point.

This little book 'Nesting' by Cilla Ramnek and Pia Ulin (Pia's site takes a little while to upload but it's well worth the wait her photography it stunning) is now officially on my wish list. I'm such a sucker for peeping into the beautiful spaces in other peoples homes.

oh boy, see it really excites me, take a look here at Cilla's home featured on Apartment Therapy for Elle Interior.

That's it...I should be a photographer, or stylist for an Interiors magazine. That way I could nosey around in beautiful homes and be paid for it. Perfect. Enjoy. x

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