Tuesday, 5 July 2011

I snapped these, with my iphone, on our way to stay with the L.F.'s mum in Creightons Creek (take a peek at this property in Creightons Creek the landscape is stunning!) on Friday evening.
I LOVE a country sky. It's so crisp and always seems so magnified and intense. I find the brilliance quite overwhelming.

We drove the 2hrs, via Nagambie & Heathcote, to Kyneton on Saturday for a nosey around and to check out this, which unfortunately needs a lot more TLC and time than we have to offer..... but boy, isn't it great.

As much as I enjoyed our weekend away, I must confess, we all caught a chill from the incredibly icy air. Now we have foggy heads, runny noses and are totally reveling being tucked up in the city with the heater blasting.

Be still my fickle heart.

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