Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Thank you.... & now, to the new.

Notice things look a little different around here? It's been fun playing around.
It's also given me a chance to look back on my year and be thankful for all the incredible beauty in my life (and realise how slack I've actually been at uploading to Flickr. Oops, there's a New Years resolution right there).

Here's some summer lovin' linkage to kick start all this newness...... and say thanks to the last 12 months.

Seam Magazine discovered via Floating World.
All the beautifully inspiring content over at Lou, Boo and Shoes ...via Beautifully, Suddenly...equally as stunning.
This fabric just ordered for my latest chair.
I may have posted on a previous list but really....I'm still in love with this photo by nehmzow
This makes me laugh.....
Dreaming of a new quilt to sew... either this, this or this.
Loved the Beci Orpin & Sportsgirl co-lab this Christmas! They made for excellent gifts and stocking fillers.
All the playfulness over at Mamamekko.
The Train to Crazy's homemade car track for boys...perfect for camping holidays!
This for 2012!

and to finish off I couldn't resist sharing this quote from a letter Jessica Mitford wrote to her daughter while she was away at college "Only vegetables and fibbertigibbets go through life with no problems or pain about the future, as you are unfortunately neither, I guess you can expect a few ups and downs."

Life, so simple.


Bruise Mouse said...

Loving that chair fabric. Can't wait to see the finished chair. I think of you whenever I walk past a second hand furniture shop. You would need a sea container to get all of you purchases home! So many choice.
Lovely photos too. ; )

stupendous joy said...

Oh thank you BM. I wish i could pop over and fill up a container with you. How much fun we'd have scouring the second hand stores in Berlin :)


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