Monday, 9 January 2012

It's a hill, get over it.

1. A pre swim dip, before the Pier to Pub kicks off, 2. Sea beads, 3. Summer cloauds, 4. Lorne Fisheries, 5. Storm clouds approaching, 6. Pink sky at night....

We spent a gorgeous weekend in Lorne for the annual Pier to Pub. The day prior to the big swim they hold a fun run, the Mountain to Surf, which I ran with 4 friends. The course is 8km with 2 intense hill climbs, followed by a slightly treacherous bush track for a couple of km's which then opens out onto The Great Ocean Road for the final sprint limp home. I struggled up the hills singing this and hoping dearly to strike a deal with God to swap places. We did it though and all with good running times. It was a huge sense of achievement. We'll be back next year, with a little extra hill training under our belts.

I've always wanted to walk the Mountain to Surf and never dreamed I'd be capable of running it so I'm entirely pleased with myself and my friends for making it such a win! Thank you. xx

Sore legs & a few Radox baths later we enjoyed a weekend full of family, good friends, amazing food, frivolity, relaxation and the delights of balmy (I kid you not) Lorne weather. The storms loomed, threateningly, on occasion but never did any more than that.


Bruise Mouse said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend. I'm rubbish at running. I can walk all day but couldn't run a kilometre. Well done, you!

stupendous joy said...

Thanks BM! I was pretty rubbish at running too before the Couch to 5km program
......oh dear, I sound like a smarmy saleswoman... but I promise it worked. x


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