Wednesday, 18 January 2012

a little Etsy love

Loving these Etsy products.

1. Vintage Orange Juice Pitcher & Cups from Tree House Club.
2. Vintage Danish Red Enamelware Teapot from Ratty and Catty.
3. Mid Century Broyhill Brasilla Coffee table from Modernismus.

I've realised I have a thing for enamel tea pots... yellow, blue, burnt orange.... there's something so solid and inviting about them. Like they'd really show up for you at that early morning cuppa all shiny and bright....."Good morning! It's going to be a bright one today".....that's what they'd say. x


Sheriden Rhodes said...

I love them too, but need to invest in one. They use them at the Galleon and at Rolador for tea. and they really keep tea hot xx

stupendous joy said...

I'll have to pop down to the Galleon to check them out....are you coming to town for tea soon? x


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