Monday, 2 January 2012

2012 and we're taking off

Happy 2012!
If you are here in Melbourne I hope you're managing to keep cool. Whoowza! 40 degrees today. It's a scorcher.
I do love this weather.....
There's nothing quite like an early morning dip in the sea before the sun starts to bite.

I snapped this photo last night on our evening stroll. Jonathan Livingston Seagull.... what better way to start the year than with the delightful J.L.Seagull.

Whatever your goals, aspirations and desires for 2012 I hope you are as committed to them as Mr Livingston. Success can only follow. xox


Bruise Mouse said...

I look forward to seeing the wonders you create and the adventures you have in 2012.

beautifully, suddenly said...

That's a lovely shot :) Happy new year!

stupendous joy said...

Thank you Bruise Mouse & Beautifully, suddenly. I'm looking forward to sharing another year with you guys. here's to great things for all. :)


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