Wednesday, 11 January 2012

no detail left to chance

We spent an evening at Shannon Bennetts incredible Vue de monde for my sister-in-laws 'significant' (as the L.F. so tactfully referred to it on my big day) birthday last night. What an experience. I feel so absolutely privileged for the invitation and a huge thank you goes out to my s-i-l and her hubby for taking us.
There was so much to love about the experience.
The company and.... the occasion. It was a celebration of true style for a fine milestone.
The food was favorite dish? So hard to choose but at a push I'd have to give it to the marron with brown butter emulsion (which surprisingly tasted like toffee when combined with the delicate flavor of the seafood. So delicious and so completely left field. I loved it).
The wines were impeccably matched to each dish.... now that's a lot of wine tasting with 10 dishes! Thankfully the quantities were well portioned (even so, I do feel a tad dusty today).
The venue, oh Melbourne, how I love you. You sure did put on a spectacular show for us.
The Christofle cutlery not only was it stunning it added another textural element to the food.
The unpretentious waiting staff and chef's were informative without being overbearing or obnoxious and they added an informal touch to a totally decadent affair.
The gnarly wooden cutlery props on which our knives and folks rested were actually the original Grange Hermitage vines. Impressive hey?!
Little take home packs were given to each lady in our party and were filled with delicious breakfast treats 'For The Morning After'.
As my s-i-l said there was 'no detail left to chance'.

Vue de monde at the Rialto is a testament to Shannon Bennett living his dream and following his passion. My hat goes off to Shannon for such vision. An experience, like what you receive at Vue de monde, can only come about when someone truly loves their life and what they are doing with it. This rings true in every minute detail at Vue de monde.

It's a moment in time I will cherish, for the experience and also for what it represents.... always follow your dreams. xx

Happy Birthday s-i-l and thank you.
Believe me this 'significant' birthday is not nearly as bad as they would have you believe.

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