Thursday, 26 January 2012

Happy Australia Day. x

Have a wonderful Australia Day whatever it is you do!
We'll be celebrating with a couple of mandatory Aussie traditions... good mates, a BBQ, beer & the Hottest 100.

#1 song? Any clues? I have absolutely no idea this year.
I'll be happy just to enjoy the ride. xo


Bruise Mouse said...

I dont't thnk I've listened to the Hottest 100 in nearly 20 years. I'm really showing my age now. I wouldn't have a clue about number 1. I'll have to make sure to listen.
Hope you have a great time and it isn't too stinking hot for you. 41 here today. I think we'll be pending ost of it either. Indoors or in the pool.

stupendous joy said...

I'm a little out of touch too. I'll be enjoying the intensive crash course in what's 'hot' though.
The pool sounds the like perfect place for a 41 degree day. Phew that's hot. Thankfully it's a holiday and everyone gets to play. Have a great time. x

Bruise Mouse said...

I just read the hottest 100 list. Oh, am I feeling old. Whatever happened to Joy Division making number 1 for a couple of years in a row?

stupendous joy said...

Ha ha, tell me about it. Those were the days my friend.
Ps. Hope your surviving the heat over there. Phew... Cool change coming tonight. X


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