Monday, 23 January 2012

A fortunate find

'One mans trash is another mans treasure, what he don't appreciate the next man will.' -unknown

Z and I seized 2 of these incredible 50's style bedside tables last week. I am totally smitten with them.
They make our bedroom feel so grown up. Previously I had two wine crates, painted in one of the beautiful metallic Porters range, stacked as my bedside table. I'd carted these crates from one rental to the next dreaming of the day I'd be a grown up...... with matching bedside tables.
I'm pleased to announce the day has arrived and the tables are even better than I'd dared dream.

The world sure does work in mysterious ways and I'm totally delighted and grateful it does. I LOVE our bedside tables. Thank you for passing them on were they are truly appreciated and adored. xox


Bruise Mouse said...

These are so gorgeous. What a fabulous find.

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

they are an awesome find!

stupendous joy said...

I'm so chuffed. It's amazing what people throw out, isn't it?!

stupendous joy said...

Thanks CHFG. I can't quite believe my luck.


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