Monday, 6 June 2011

The weekend

1. St Kilda palm trees, Botanical Gardens, 2. Meet the taller,!, 3. Sun set in the gardens, 4. Bingo @ the retirement village, 5. St Kilda Marina, 6. Washing Monday

Here are some reflections on the weekend just past....& the washing well, that's Washing Monday, which seems to go hand in hand with Crafty Monday. One inspires the other. I know I've blogged about it before but there's something so satisfying about washing hanging on the clothes line for me. Maybe it's the sunshine and a clean, fresh start which really makes me... oh so satisfied. Simple pleasures, really, they fill my heart.

We've just completed week one of the Unravelling course. It's been great getting to know the other Unravellers and checking out their blogs, photographs and generally learning more about them all. 160 of us in total, it's quite a job getting through the long list, plus the discussions and assignments but here are a few blogs I've had a moment to peek at.

There's Susannah Conway's blog, who runs the Unravelling course.
Deea's blog, After-Thought, with it's beautiful portrayal of life.... Deea's mother passed away last week and her ability to create such beauty around incredible heartache is totally inspiring (not to mention, her style & music taste are both exceptional too).
Tracy at Shutterbean.
Lydia at Finding my Querencia.
Boo at Eliza Boo.
Arabella's Gratitude Project, An Open Window.
The list goes on. It's going to take me months to check them all out. So many talents, all with something unique to share. It's such an adventure making new friends scattered all over the world. There are so many perspectives, opinions and shared interests, it's going to make for an interesting journey. I'm loving the ride so far. xox

P.S. The L.F. just sent me a link to this Ben Iver, Calgary song. So Beautiful, I had to share.

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