Thursday, 23 June 2011

Washing over me

I love Takashi Iwasaki. His work really lifts my spirits. On a day when I need a bit of a pep I often find myself here or here trolling through his portfolio. His style is incredibly playful yet the stitching so delicate and precise. I just love the colours and whimsical nature. I have this picture stuck to the wall in my laundry, cut from an old edition of Selvedge.

Below is the view looking out of my laundry window onto our garden. The rain has brought with it plenty of mud and my windows are in desperate need of a clean. The aloe vera plant in the foreground has come full circle. I started growing aloe vera about 20 years ago while studying naturopathy and quickly converted my mother, who then inspired my grandmother. My Nan became a prolific aloe vera cultivator and would whip up creams, gels and random ointments fit for any ailment right up until she passed away late last year, at 89. This particular Aloe was given to me by my Nan a few years back.


Renee said...

I love love love the Takashi Iwasaki work you posted..thanks for sharing...would love to put one of these up in B's playroom...perhaps i will do a Takashi Iwasaki inspired work myself! Thanks.

stupendous joy said...

Oh great! I was thinking the same thing Renee. I was wondering about a series of mini quilts for Z's room. Maybe we can have a little Takashi Iwasaki inspired craft night. x


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