Tuesday, 7 June 2011

a meditative night ...in Austria

This photo was taken last night (on my phone) at a meditation meeting I attended in Firzroy at the ACU, College Hall. Totally unspectacular from the street the inside of this building is quite something. I felt like I was spending the evening in an Austrian Palace with the von Trapp Family.

400 Melbournian's braved the icy cold weather conditions to hear a panel interview with Dr Ian Gawler, Dr Craig Hassed and Charlie Hogg (Director of Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centres in Australia) on 'Meditation for Healing the Mind, Body & Soul.' A fascinating night, sprinkled with humour and hope. I came away feeling very invigorated by their down to earth approach to the mind and it's incredible capabilities.

I first started meditating a few years ago at The Tara Institute after reading Sarah Napthali's 'Buddhism for Mothers' (a book I can't recommend highly enough for any mum regardless of spiritual or religious preferences). I continue to go to Tara most Monday nights with my beautiful Buddhist buddy A. I find it puts me in good stead for the coming week. The technique I use to meditate was taught to me by the Ishaya's. I find it simple & hugely effective. Meditation definitely has an accumulative effect & it takes great commitment to find the time to meditate but boy does it make a huge difference to my outlook when I do it consistently.

All this talk of meditation must be inspired by the Dalai Lama's visit to Australia! I'm off to see his public lecture this Saturday with a couple of friends. I can't wait. We're also planning to stop by Federation Square to knit a square for the 'Knit in at Light Hearts' a worldwide knit in public day where you can learn to knit squares for charity and attach these, together with a message of hope, to the Light Hearts installation.

I do love Melbourne & Melbournian's for their inquiring and creative spirit....even in the depths of freezing temperatures and bleak forecasts. xox

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