Friday, 10 June 2011

beyond my backyard

1. Cappadocian Restaurant, 2. Police Station, Istanbul, 3. Gorgeous Silk Quilt, Topkapı Palace, 4. Lovely lanterns, 5. Our guesthouse, 6. Near Cappadocia, 7. Anatolian Weaving Heritage Exhibition, Istanbul, 8. Mosque ceiling, 9. Istanbul window, 10. Mosque, Eastern Turkey, 11. Caravanserai Entrance, 12. Derelict building

I connected up the old hard drive last night and came across our honeymoon photos from Turkey. The time ticked away while I flicked through photos and rediscovered the joys of travelling in foreign countries (something that's been in the too hard basket since Z was born...completely my choosing). I was quite taken aback by the vibrancy and detail in the photographs. Time had blurred just how visually stunning this country can be. It made me want to pack up our home and head off on a year long adventure discovering treasure beyond my backyard.

Has anybody else been watching "My Family's Crazy Gap Year Abroad?" If not you can watch Series 5 & 6 on ABC iview here. Some are quite crazy, others inspiring.

If you are wanting inspiration for a 'Gap Year Abroad' 'For Better, For Worse' by Damian & Siobhan Horner is a really sweet read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Their website is gorgeous too. Just don't peep at the 'After Reading' section until you've finished the book.

I hope you have an adventurous long weekend! xox

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