Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Monkey mind mist clears to reveal spectacular blue sky

Z & I strolled the streets of St Kilda on Sunday afternoon in order to catch sight of St Kilda through a veil of mist. If any of you were out and about in Melbourne town you no doubt witnessed the incredibly misty morning. It was beautiful (albeit a tad cold).
I took a series of photos which you can peep at here. However, these three have captured me. By the time we returned home the mist had totally disappeared to revealed the most spectacular brilliant blue sky.
The colours after the mist lifted were so intense. Everything seemed to be jumping out at us. It was a little like...'oh hello, there you are. You really were there all along.'

(The mist reminded me a little of my monkey mind! Thick fog, lingering & totally illusory. He he.)

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