Thursday, 2 June 2011

Link Love

Things I'm loving.

Dew droplets on our morning walk.

Up The Wooden Hill. I love Lisa Marie's romantic style (and she too has been having fun with Instagram).

These Eames & Neutra house numbers produced by Heath Ceramics (found via Tiny Canvases).

The idea of making these wings for Z.

The prospect of ordering this fabric for the second chair we are working on (I just need to convince the L.F.)

This blog by Sandra Juto. Stunning.

& last but definitely not least.... the L.F. Happy anniversary. xox


~Lydia Marie said...

Hi, I am Lydia, an Unravelling classmate of yours. I really like your blog. It is my intention that one of these days, my own will be more like yours and less like what I have now.

I love the above photograph and its amazing detail. One of these days, I will be able to take such photos. Until then, I'll keep trying. :) Nice meeting you and see you in Unravelling. Blessings, lydia

stupendous joy said...

Thanks Lydia for your lovely words about my blog & photo!
Believe me it feels as though it's only now coming together for me after years of 'not quite right'.
Baby steps and keeping on keeping on, one step at a time. After our Unravelling we'll be so much more confident....It's great meeting all of you and sharing the journey x


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