Monday, 2 May 2011

Walking the walk

First it was simply navigating my new Mac that seemed to be occupying my it's the addition of photoshop. Wow! What a wonderful tool but seriously, where do I start? Hours at a time have disappeared while I fumble, create....loose everything and start again, afresh. I have no idea yet about layers and all the complexities involved but I am loving the experiment.

Lame, I know....I did create the banner! There was more to it than this....however, somewhere along the way I lost a couple of layers.

In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of the photos from a recent hike I did with 6, of my all time funniest & most compatible, friends along the Great Ocean Road. We hiked for 3 days starting at Blanket Bay we headed to Cape Otway for our 1st night, then onto Airie River and ended up at Johanna Beach for the 3rd night. We each carried packs (around 18kg) with our food, clothes & tents. An incredible achievement and every bit of it was an adventure. It really was pure joy to be out in nature with friends, testing our limits while having many a laugh.

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