Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Autumn clean out

Busts originally from The National Gallery Art School, which Reshid purchased on its closure in 1973 (when it became part of VCA).

Gorgeous old light and french provincial chairs.

The studio door.

We are in the process of clearing out the L.F.'s Grandmothers house. It's packed full of incredible bits and pieces from one fully explored life. Doo is an amazing lady, who at 91, is still exceptionally intrigued by life. She's interested and I must say, endlessly fascinating.
Her husband, Reshid, was a member of the 20 Melbourne Painters' Society. They traveled Europe in a caravan with a little gas cooker. Reshid setting up his easel to paint while Doo coordinated and tended to the logistics and managed their social engagements. Back in Melbourne they ran art schools and lived quite the society lifestyle.
Needless to say the studio at the back of their house is, to this day, brimming with busts, easels, palette's, fantastic old drawings and a huge stack of original artworks, artbooks, projectors, hand dyed textiles.... it's endless.
We'll be there again this Saturday sifting through the remaining contents in preparation for a mega garage sale & for the auction houses to come take a peek. Firstly, however here's a snippet for you. So much beauty in one place it's staggering.

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