Friday, 20 May 2011


I was a little disappointed to find our local art supply store has moved to a new suburb (the suburb which houses many permanent... & rather expensive... Danish Furniture Stores, Prahran)...however I was delighted to find that a Danish Furniture Pop Up Store would be appearing (for the next 3 weeks anyway) in it's place.
I do have a thing for Danish furniture & since I missed out on joining Ladle and her sister in an outing to the Midcentury Modern Show, in London, I'll have to settle for a Mid Season Pop Up shop in the back streets of St Kilda. A perfect antidote.

For those that want a little midcentury fix take a peak at Michael Haverland's interiors. They're very swoon worthy. I think the Delux Apartment is my pick.

Enjoy your weekend and keep cozy.

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