Monday, 16 May 2011

Finish & Complete

The L.F.'s mum is always on about 'Finisher Completer's'. Apparently there are only two types of people in this world. Those who Finish & Complete and those who don't.
I've never been too sure which side of the equation I reside on in this debate. I like to think I'm a 'Finisher Completer' but sometimes the lag time on my projects stretches out way longer than would be considered 'a fair quota of time' (we're talking, on occasion, years)....which possibly negates my 'Finisher Completer' status?
I do however love to finish off other peoples crafty projects. Especially ones that have been so lovingly stitched and laboured over. I found these gorgeous quilted pieces on Saturday while continuing our clean up over at Doo's. What a precious find, hey! They were stitched in the 70's and have been packed away, for some reason, for the last 40 odd years in an old suitcase in the studio. I've never attempted this kind of patchwork before, using paper templates. So I'll have to investigate the process and add it to my growing list of To-Do's.
When my mother passed away I found some woollen patchwork pieces she'd been working on and turned it into this quilt. It's kind of a lovely, cathartic, contemplation on someone special's life (if that makes sense). A way of showing gratitude, I suppose. Finishing the pieces somehow makes the journey together feel strangely complete.

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