Monday, 23 May 2011

Crafty Monday

Today's Crafty projects. Bunting for Z's bedroom door and the 'tram' Z and I made from some recycled packaging. Z stuck all the button wheels on and I went about stitching up the sweet little people.
I did finally make this cape, by Suzy at Floating World, for Z today (I'll post some photos at a later stage). It's been on my To-Do list for some time now. So today was the day. When I, full of excitement, handed it to Z this afternoon he started crying and said he wanted 'wings' instead. Oh, well. I had fun making it. Thanks Suzy!


Anonymous said...

I hope Z gets over his wing disappointment soon!
Nevermind, I'm sure if the cape's in the dress up box it will get rediscovered eventually.

Anonymous said...

PS Did you see these wings?

stupendous joy said...

oh my goodness Suzy they are perfect!! Thank you. They're on the To-Do list.
P.S. Your little lady is just gorgeous!


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