Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bathing in Autumnal gold

I'm a huge lover of Sonya Delauney. The circular shape and earthy colours of this drinking fountain evoke a feeling of her work, for me.

These photos, again, were taken on our morning walk. I'm in love with this golden colour of Autumn which seems to permeate our day. There's something so uplifting about 'gold'.

Today I've enjoyed reading:
this post by Jane, at My Pear Tree House, Is it a Painting or real life room?

& numerous books tucked up in bed this afternoon, while my little man recoups from his cold. One of my favourite childrens book, "I wish I had flown with Amelia Earhart" written by Leonie Young & Avril Janks; illustrayed by Tohby Riddle, sadly seems to be out of print now. I purchsaed it a few years back from the Salvos Op Shop on Crown Street, Paddington. The thing I love most about this book is to dream big but to work in everyday ways to make the dream come Amelia did...driving trucks & selling sausages!! It's the little steps, accrual of time, remaining present while always maintaining the dream (mmm, a big one for me. Distraction is the #1 killer of my dreams. More single pointed focus required, I say).

I read this post yesterday 'What if I am?', obviously it's stayed with me. A beautiful post, by Dana at One Haute Plate, about jumping in and living your dream.

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