Monday, 12 March 2012

Where the Farck is Yarck?

We spent a totally relaxing weekend in Merton for the Labor Day public holiday weekend. The L.F. has a rather extended and sometimes hard-to-get-your-head-around family.... so, in order to cut out the step & ex long winded description, let's just say we were staying with the in-laws, Mumma Cat & Poppa Zeke.

I always enjoy my time with these two. Poppa Zeke guarantees a laugh and at least 1 road trip per visit. I've never met a man so fond of traveling the wide open road. He can jump in the car in a heartbeat and travel 200km, then turn around and come right on home without so much as battering and eyelid. He's a rather loveable grey haired hoon.

Mumma Cat runs a second hand bookstore, Books at Yarck, so we've come home with all manner of treasured reads. We ran out of time this morning to swing by the shop again on our way home... which is probably a little we may have cleaned Mumma Cat out and returned with a boot load of printed loot. If you're ever in Yarck stop by and say hello. There's a great selection of books to quench any literary thirst.

With a population of only 220 odd Yarck's a lovely little place to spend some time. The Yarck Hotel, renowned for it's legendary saying 'Where the farck is Yarck?' is a cozy spot for an afternoon beer, with a very inviting beer garden. The Giddy Goat was 'the' spot for bike riders along the Gouldurn River High Country Rail Trail this morning..... and made us a very tasty takeaway Chai latte for our trip home.
We still haven't made it to The Tea Rooms....but hopefully sometime soon (who'd believe there's so much to do in Yarck!).

We ate dinner at the Bonnie Bar in the town affectionately portrayed in this movie...'ahhh the serenity', took a drive to Mansfieled, fueled our country dream by looking at a property, collected sticks while walking 3 rowdy dogs in the afternoon sun and we all cozzied up around the campfire last night with the scent of cypress bellowing out under an incredible country sky.

Thanks Mumma Cat & Poppa Zeke for a really enjoyable weekend. x


design traveller said...

Great photos, nicely captured.
The first one is excellent!

melindamelou @ stupendous joy said...

Thank you design traveller! I LOVE your blog. Thanks for popping in and saying hello :)


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