Tuesday, 6 March 2012

We're preparing for the wild...Bear Grylls style.

Almost a year ago 5 friends and I set off with our packs, clothes, tents and food (Bear Grylls style) for a 3 day hike along the Great Ocean Road. In less than 4 weeks we're heading off again to finish what we started and I can feel the excitement building inside me. It was such an incredible trip. A complete indulgence to be able to walk, slowly and consistently towards a destination of 'our' choice...no wee voices demanding we go 'this way'....ahhh the serenity.
We walked approximately 10-14km per day....not huge distances...but far enough considering our packs weighed around 16-18kg's (I'm still convinced mine was the heaviest...& is not the heaviest...then the 2nd heaviest!). There are many wonderful stories from the trip. There were so many laughs along the way and being out in nature with friends is an incredible tonic. The count down is on. Yippee xox

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