Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Here's a little update

1. 6th March: the cinema, 2. 5th March: coffee, or rather, chai with friends., 3. 4th March: amazing Melbourne skylines., 4. 3rd March: walking in the rain with my little man., 5. 2nd March: Frash flowers, 6. 1st March: the Forum Theatre., 7. 29th Feb: Home sweet home. Catani Gardens. It's always lovely to return home to St Kilda after a road trip., 8. 365 Gratitude: 28th Feb. Nature! It's a huge pleasure source for me., 9. 27th Feb: time for seeing., 10. 26th Feb: holidays & early morning walks with my sweet little man., 11. 25th Feb: early mornings, deserted beaches and my lovely peeps..& pup., 12. 24th Feb: weekends away with friends.... & their new additions., 13. 23rd Feb: i love these. Spanish glass from Doo., 14. 22nd Feb;exciting new lives and possibilities., 15. 21st Feb: a new face to welcome into our family... & she's oh so sweet., 16. 20th Feb: afternoon light in my living room., 17. 19th Feb: amazing meals cooked by friends at the seaside after a day on the beach. Bliss., 18. 18th Feb: giant comfry leaves in my herb garden, 19. 17th Feb: so very pleased to be about to climb in here this evening., 20. 16th Feb: The feast, at Vic's., 21. 15th Feb: perfect beach days with neighbours., 22. 14th Feb: early morning jogging and all the lovely people in my life., 23. 13th Feb: this card that hangs above my desk... & Monday night meditation., 24. 12th Feb: City Square Yarn bombed to my a few of my favorites...the wooden wombat, Brunetti's & The Nicholas Building., 25. 11th Feb: lunch at Tiamo with my boys

Here's a little mosaic of my Gratitude Set. It's such a lovely way to look back on the month. My friend Ladle, in London, is also taking part and so is the gorgeous Greta, in Italy. There's something really special about seeing the little things happening in their lives. Things we forget to mention on Skype calls or via email.

Silence is one great art of conversation. WILLIAM HAZLITT, Characteristics.


Bruise Mouse said...

Wow, you have certainly been busy. So much fun. I wish I was that organised to take photos so regularly.
: )

melindamelou @ stupendous joy said...

It's been a lot of fun BM. I'm not that organised, I take them on my phone. I've been quite slack with my trusty SLR lately. ;)


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