Friday, 9 March 2012

Dreams do come true....look at me babe I've found you

Phillipa Finch Tea towel by Third Drawer Down

I really enjoyed the interview with Abigail Crompton from Third Drawer Down over on the Craft Victoria blog. This question in particular:

But do you love everything you’ve done so far and everything you’re doing now?

Yeah yeah. I wake up every morning excited about what I’m doing and how I’m doing it. I think it’s really important, and I’ve said this before I think, you have to have integrity with what you do in the world. There’s a lot of people that don’t and they may get somewhere in life but I always think that it does follow people too if they don’t have integrity with their business.

I volunteered one morning a week at Craft Victoria 'before craft was cool' ....I started when Craft Victoria was still down at the Meat Market, mmmm, a long time ago ..... and I worked with Abi once we moved to Flinders Lane. I remember my friend Ladle & I having a conversation with her, over a coffee, in the planning stages of Third Draw Down. Abi had a mountain of tea towel samples, a larger than life dream and some very funny stories about what people really did keep in their third draw down. Over a decade on and it's incredible to see how she's grown her business into a world she loves.

This TED talk was over on Abi's website and I thought I'd share.

Now, to answer the question......What does freedom mean to me?

Happy Long weekend.

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