Thursday, 8 September 2011

Mistaking the garden hose for a snake

On Monday nights my good friend, A, and I go to the Tara Institute to cast some light on the week ahead and reset out minds to a more peaceful place.
We always come home a little lighter and take something from the night to make us laugh (or at least.... a little gentler & kinder on ourselves & others) in times of complete & utter frustration each week. This week it was the Buddhist fable about mistaking the garden hose for a snake.

Watching the news this morning, something I rarely do, I heard myself say 'Oh dear, they've clearly mistaken the garden hose for a snake.' What trouble we get ourselves into by perceiving a situation to be other than it really is.
Have you ever bludgeoned a garden hose with your pick axe, mistaking it for a snake? I know I have....well, metaphorically (incase you're imagining me out in the garden with my organic insect repellant and a pick axe...).

This sweet chappy was made for Z from all the woollen scraps left in my mum's knitting bag after she passed away. He's a jolly little friend who ties up all the loose ends and hangs on the chair in Z's bedroom. He's testimony to the fact that it's all a matter of perception... not all garden hoses are snakes and not all snakes are out to get us. oxo

this post is dedicated to my dear friends A & M. May you never mistake a garden hose for a snake ever again. love xox


Bruise Mouse said...

The Tara Institute looks like an amazing place. I love listening to what others have to say about perception. It really makes me stop and put things in perspective.
I'm enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by at mine.

stupendous joy said...

& thank you! Nice to have you here Bruise Mouse. Anything that make us stop and put things in perspective has to be a good thing.... I think.

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

What a great quote, I have not heard that one before and I love Z's snake what a lovely thing to do with your mums scraps....


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