Thursday, 29 September 2011

It's Link Love time again

Source: via Chantal on Pinterest

I once made the excuse, back in the day, that I couldn't possibly go out with a guy (who I obviously had no interest in seeing) because it was 'my birthday week'.
Ever since then my good friend Ladle and I love to laugh about it being our birthday week....or sometimes even month... as a way of avoiding uncomfortable social requests.
This possibly isn't funny to anyone but us. I can't tell you the amount of time we've spent laughing about it. Making up ridiculous voices and saying 'oh no, I'm sorry I couldn't possibly, it's my birthday week.'
It still makes me laugh, even just typing it.

This little story isn't really going anywhere....except to say it's 'my birthday week'! So, in honor of all the completely stupid things that make me laugh, here's a list of links I'm loving lately:

the above birthday wreath made by Itz Fitz. It's available over at her Etsy shop.

My Scandinavian Retreat found via Ladle's Pinterest . Boy oh boy, totally dreamy interiors.

this sneak peak over at Design Sponge of Elizabeth Dunker's country house.

Darrah Parker's Slow down: Your September Slices of Life photos.

new blog friends here & here.

Rick Mereki and his Wonderlust series.... phew, he's it's damn hot!

these gorgeous camera bags. I think I'd like one.

the lovely photos over at Closet Visit.

the idea of these little cards making travel, with kids, a total breeze.

and lastly, all the goodness over at A Cup of Jo.

Adios. I'm signing off for the rest of the week....need I say why?!
See you on Monday.
Happy grand final weekend.
Hip, hip hooray. xox


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I could easily adopt a "birthday week", actually I think I shall. Mr C and I used to do half birthdays, that was fun too.
So what ever you get up to, enjoy your birthday week!...and I hope it involves plenty of cake coffee and mindless dreaming.

ladle said...

ladle, i am chuckling so much. that has made my day! hurrah for birthday weeks. i remember it so well and we've been laughing about it for about 10 years since!
happy birthday and here's to the ones that aren't the pies winning!!

stupendous joy said...

Thank you CHFG. I highly recommend a 'birthday week'. It's been a lot of fun. Not much time for dreaming but hopefully that will follow.

Oh, Ladle, I'm so glad this made your day. What funny times. love xoxo


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