Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Baking Success

Yippee! It worked. After a quick consultation with Bruise Mouse this morning, before I popped the loaves into the oven, they baked perfectly. I'm so pleased.
We've already downed a loaf & the L.F. has gone to work this morning with a lovely packed lunch....freshly baked bread & lettuce from the garden...were among the goodness.
I followed the recipe from yesterday's post although I used rye and spelt flour for these little babies. All the flour used was organic, even for the starter. So, I'm happy to say they're completely organic loaves. They taste great too. It was well worth the time & patience required to produce them.

Here's to a happy future of bread making in our home. x


cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Woohoo! Look at that! They look amazing. Beautiful slashes, and beautiful crumb.
A happy future of bread making indeed :-)

(for the steam I use a water squirter thingy. Just open the door a smidge when you pop the loaves in and squirt say 20 times and then close the door. Cost about 3.50 for the one I got.)

stupendous joy said...

Woohoo indeed! A big thanks to you for all of your encouragement.

(I ended up using a tray in the bottom of the oven and boiling the kettle. As I put the dough in I filled up the tray...a little tricky as you have to pull the tray out after 8 mins with the boiling water sloshing around. A spray sounds much easier. Bruise Mouse also advised to rub water over the top which I also did and it was a great result).

Bruise Mouse said...

It looks fabulous. I bet it tastes great too.
I cooked one with the steam bath last night and it was such a delicious breakfast this morning. I am having so much fun cooking it I wish people in the household would eat it faster so I could cook some more.
I am going to try with some dinkel mehl too.
Congrats on your loaves.

stupendous joy said...

Thanks BM! It is fun. I'm actually enjoying it all more than I thought I would.
dinkel mehl?

Melissa@Vidastyle said...

Oh that bread looks awesome! Sourdough is on my to do list, tried it once and it didn't grow, not sure what I did wrong but would love to try it again one day.

stupendous joy said...

Do try it Melissa. It's so much fun pulling the lovely loaves out of the oven. In does take a bit of time but I'm guessing once you've done it a few times this becomes a lot more stream lined. I'll look forward to seeing your loaves.


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