Wednesday, 21 September 2011

distractions & pretty things

I have this dream about bunk beds and a country house.
I've tried to convince my dad to build an extra room onto his house (he lives on the coast) and make it into a bunk room ..... but for some reason he's not buying my dream, so I continue to dream.
I came across this image last night, while procrastinating, over at The House that AM Built. I spent so much time looking at pretty images that I haven't made a start on the dress.
Damn you pretty things, you lured me form my plans yet again.

Thankfully A-M had also posted this....

You've gotta love a second chance. So, tomorrow I sew!

While speaking of second chances.....I am onto Day 3 of making a sourdough starter. After my failed attempt last time around (I completely forgot about it for 2 days)I've been re-inspired by City Hippy Farm Girl, who makes it look so easy. Here's hoping, if I'm not somehow distracted, I'll be ready to make my own bread by the end of the week.


Bruise Mouse said...

Sourdough is so much fun. Mine has been up and running for a few weeks now and I am loving it.
Good luck with the sewing.

vivienne said...

those bunk beds are so dreamy!
thanks for sharing that image...i hope that you get your dream bunk room someday.

stupendous joy said...

My starter seems to be coming along nicely Bruise 4 today! 3 days to go. Thanks for putting me onto city hippy farm girls guide.
Thanks Vivienne, the idea of lots of friends all coming to stay and bunking in really appeals.


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