Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Bread making 101

I'm trying my hand at making sourdough bread. Encouraged by Bruise Mouse at Living a Little Greener and CHFG I've spent the last 8 mornings weighing flour and water out to add to a fermenting gloop....more precisely know as a sourdough starter. After 8 days my starter seemed prime for baking.....

I'm not sure why.... because I was making a starter so that I could make my own bread but this 'readiness' caused a bit of panic....Heck, what was I to do with the gloop now?

After a mad scramble to find a recipe that would suit a newbie like me I discovered this recipe over at Wild Yeast. My head is now swimming with thoughts of creating a steam oven, folding, baking stones and proving. They're all totally new concepts to me.
I'm up to the 2.5 hours of fermenting with a fold at 1hr. The fold was successful and I have roughly half an hour before any further action is required. I'm just hoping the faint outline of a sad face I can see in the dough above can be turned into a smile. The smile of successful bread making.

PS. Don't ask about the dress....I did start. There was a lot of puckering and after tearing my hair in frustration I've put it aside..... until later tonight.


Bruise Mouse said...

How exciting. I can't wait to see how it goes. I am going to give that recipe a go today as the one I am using at the moment is a little too wet and it really hard to shape.
I made one a few days ago that was really wet and difficult to work with but the flavour and texture were beautiful: sour, light and fluffy.
We won't talk about the dress.

stupendous joy said...

Yes, it's exciting! The recipe seems to be a good one. I just have a question about the steam. I'll ask over at your blog.


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