Thursday, 22 September 2011

Hold me close

Do you think I could possibly wear this 'Hold me Close Heating Pad Cover' to the wedding? I've managed to whip it up instead of the dress. Granted, it's been on my to-do list for some time but really....right now!? I have 2 hours to make a start on the dress before Z needs to be picked up. Why am I so terrified of silk?

The Heating Pad Cover is from the book Denyse Schmidt Quilts, 30 colorful Quilt & Patchwork Projects. I'd like to make one of her fabulous quilts next... but not before I finish the dress. I promise.


Bruise Mouse said...

I think you just need to make a few more of the heating pads, string them together and then you have a fabulous outfit that keeps you warm in that unpredictable Melbourne weather.

stupendous joy said...

Brilliant idea Bruise Mouse! I like it. No need to worry about a martching shawl or cardi with these beauties! X


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