Monday, 1 July 2013

ich liebe berlin

We  have cracked it for another amazing Airbnb apartment here in Kreuzberg, Berlin.  It is beautiful. Our hosts, who live in the apartment next door, are away.  They have very kindly left us the keys to their incredible apartment also! It's the kind of dream apartment I'd move into in a heartbeat.  She is a flight attendant and he is a author/theatre director.  They have a 6 year old daughter......who coincidently enough loves Lego even more than Z, or so it seems.

Berlin is an endlessly fascinating city full of contradictions at just about at every turn.  I love it.  The new, the old, the ugly.   Bullet studded walls, decay and the unadorned buildings of a communist era all serve to make this city so confusing and on the same hand totally enthralling.  It makes my head spin.

The number of 30 & 40 something guys walking the streets, sitting in squares, parks and train stations drinking long neck beers is quite alarming.  After Paris and the number of Parisians smoking on streets Z has rekindled his fascination with the idea of smoking and watches people intently as they do.  Berlin is also helping to keep this fascination well in place.

We spent most of Sunday tinkering between playgrounds & flea markets in Mitte.  I love the whole flea market culture here....if only I had a spare shipping crate!

Off to bed.  We are all exhausted.  1 month in and 2 to go.  Z has announced he is 'never going to another gallery in his life!'.  I think some time off is imminent.....luckily tomorrow is Legoland.



Bruise Mouse said...

So glad you are having a wonderful time and enjoying the charm of Kreuzberg. X

Melinda Melou said...

Hello BM, we are slowly making our way through your list and realising that more time is needed in this fantastic city!! Our apartment is quite far from your old one but we've made a few trips there and loved it. great spot where you were. Have been thinking of you loads! xx

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

Mel you are making me want to book a trip for my own family to Berlin pronto! I loved seeing BM's photos when they were there and am loving seeing yours. I adored Germany when I lived there many, many moons ago but never went to Berlin. Clearly this really needs sorting...what a gorgeous looking city.


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