Thursday, 11 July 2013

A good time, not a long time.

We arrived in Copenhagen late on Monday night and right from the get go people have been remarkably friendly, assisting us on trains, sidewalks or shops whenever we've shown the slightest hint of uncertainty. We were told by a couple of Swedes in Berlin that the Danes were polled as the happiest people in the world.....but also have the shortest life expectancy. So Danes are here for a good time, not a long account of a couple of Swedes anyway.
We REALLY love it here. Most places we go we can imagine ourselves living in for a year or two tops but Copenhagen is one of those city's that IF we were ever to leave Melbourne I could definitely see us living in.

It's way too early. Z fell out of bed. I've been awake ever since. I thought I'd do a post but I'm too tired to write. The boys are both sleeping. Softly snoring. The sun is shining brightly.... already, it's 5am.... and I'm heading back to bed. Night x

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