Saturday, 20 July 2013

Farewell Denmark

Farewell Denmark.  We really have loved our stay.  Sjaellands Odde in the region of Odsherred has been our home for the last week and the beauty here has really captured us.  It is not just the place.  It's also the Danish people so warm and eager for others to enjoy the best of their country that's made it a great place to relax in.  Our summer house is about 150m from the beach down a little dirt track, our deck is as large as the house itself and the weather has been kind making both pretty blissful. Having a hire car and the freedom to explore without relying on transport has also been a treat. The LF is doing a sterling job sticking to the right hand side of the road (thanks LF I am glad it is you doing the driving).  A hire car has also meant local radio stations and one song in particular which has followed us from country to country.... Daft Punk's, Get Lucky. We can't seem to escape it.  In supermarkets, cafes, on public transport, blaring from passing cars, it's everywhere.  Our time here has been slow and we have embraced filling our days with 'nothing' wholeheartedly.  The real highlight of this leg has been about the 3 of us relaxing together, playing table tennis, board games, cooking, music, walks, swimming and sleeping in.  I totally recommend a pit stop like this for every (traveling) family.

Next we are off to Prague. A city that makes me nervous with anticipation. Again, it's been over 21 years since my last visit. The Czech Republic was still part of Czechoslovakia and it was only 3 years previously that the Velvet Revolution had caused the collapse of the communist regime.  I so loved the city full of post communist charm. I expect to see change, A LOT of change. There was no McDonald's (hooray!), only 2 bueauro de change in the whole city, and very few tourists.   We were billeted out by a man at the train station to stay with a family, in Skalka.  The family rented a room to tourists who arrived from Berlin on the overnight train. Tourism hadn't really kicked off. The nightlife was near impossible to find...yet find we did.  Nightclubs hidden down side alleys in the deserted bunkers of impressive old buildings. You paid for a beer jug as you were security frisked on the way in and it was self serve at the trough after that. Rounding every corner was like walking through a dream. The buildings so spectacularly beautiful. Entering the post office and the department stores we had to apprehensively navigate our way through thick red velvet curtains, a hangover from communist times, unsure what we would find on the other side.  I'm holding my breathe, hoping to be charmed again.  Time will tell.

PS. 21 years ago when I was backpacking around Europe I remember the song that followed us then was this one...... Have you had a song, for better or worse, follow you on a trip?

Additional Denmark highlights:
A drink on the pier in the afternoon sun at Rorvig Havn watching the ferry come and go.
The smoked fish  from Rorvig Fisk Og Rogeri and an incredible salmon meal cooked by Annette.
A bar of Icelandic chocolate covered salted liquorice, Draumur, given to me by a lady.  So excited to have an Australian in her shop.
An afternoon spent on the sandy beach at Rorvig.
A visit to the Smokehouse at Sjaellands Odde which was designed by Arne Jakobsen.  It is a very understated building frequented by the  50+ sandal wearing set with picnic basket, bike and a couple of Tuborgs.  They come to enjoy their smoked fish on the benches overlooking the sea below.
A last minute stop at 'Her Majesties' Illum Bolighaus for those last minute must-have's .
The Oresund Bridge-Tunnel!  A 8km bridge from Sweden which connects at a manmade island in the middle of the Oresund strait to a 4km tunnel leading to Denmark.  It's amazing to see from the air as you fly into or out of Copenhagen.  At first we couldn't work out why this bridge just stopped in the middle of the strait....until we looked closely and saw the tiny ant-like-cars appearing from a tunnel.
Viewing the Lillgrund Offshore wind farm from the plane.


Dharma Mama said...

I have been loving your posts and am happy you have had a nice rest in your travels in Denmark. Good luck in Prague! I have had a song follow me too! It's extremely silly but one summer it was Footloose and other songs from the 80's film. It started while I was on a road trip with a lovely fella out to a Buddhist monastery and continued throughout the summer. I took it as a sign to lighten up, dance, sing, enjoy life more, follow my dreams, expand, grow, etc. I even heard the song playing at a nearby outdoor concert while I was playing soccer nearby. It fueled me enough to make a goal and our team won the match. I still laugh when I hear the song as it reminds me of those times and the decisions I made that summer which ultimately led to me moving overseas.

Enjoy your footloose time abroad! xx

Melinda Melou said...

Footloose! I love it. I'd be happy for that one to follow me. Funny how they bring back the exacts feelings of a trip instantly too. Glad you made it to Australua. Yay to footloose & fancy free. X


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